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  我们的使命是安全有效地处理SF6气体,以保护我们的地球。 目前,我们已经在全球销售了数千台SF6回收处理设备,在全国各地建立了10多个SF6处理中心,对SF6气体进行净化和回收利用。按照IEC和国家标准为电力行业提供1000 -2000吨的回收SF6。 SF6气体在中国电力行业的使用是闭环的,所有SF6绝缘设备中的气体都会被记录下来。 记录内容包括: 1.新纯度99.999% SF6气体的数量记录。 2.不合格废料SF6气体的数量记录 所有的SF6气体,无论是新的还是旧的,都必须进行监控和记录 购买的新煤气越多,排放的旧煤气越多,SF6气体量将被记录在碳排放指数中。如何减少SF6的排放,有必要对SF6气体进行回收再利用。 中国的发电厂在建设期间会购买一套SF6处理设备,但是由于变电站数量多,分布广,目前有两种SF6重用模式。一种是集中回收,将SF6气体收集到附近的回收基地进行统一处理。另一种模式是服务签约回收,签订服务协议,我们的工作人员将携带设备上门回收  服务。

23 years of experience and practice

The total amount of the SF6 gas used in each province will be recorded by sylinder and mangaed uniformly. The sylinders will be transferred to the recovery base with high speed treatment effeciency. The unqualified SF6 gas after treatment will be refilled into sylinders of gas chamber after inspection by the measurement department. All the prcesses are proceeded in closed-loop and we can truly realize zero emission
The on-site SF6 recovery service consists of a triler equipment with a full set of recovery, refilling, purification equipment and mesuring instruments. The vehicle goes into the unqualified gas space with on-site shutdown and maintenance, directly recovery and purify the unqualified SF6 gas, and then returns to the gas chamber. The maintenance period is short, and the user does not need to invest any funds to purchase SF6 gas processing equipment, measuring instruments and new gas. On-site service can make the waste SF6 gas reuse immediately.

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We provide full set equipment and service, including SF6 gas measurement, SF6 gas treatment, SF6 gas equipment maintenance and professional training.



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