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Our team has been supporting the application of SF6 gas since 1997. With the rapid development of China’s electric power industry and the continuous expansion of city size, there are more and more high-voltage equipment. Most of these equipment use SF6 gas as insulation gas, and SF6 gas is one of the greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.

Our mission is to securely and effectively handle SF6 gas to guard our planet. at the present we’ve sold thousands of SF6 recovery and treatment equipment round the world, and established quite 10 SF6 treatment centers across the country to purify and recycle SF6 gas. Provide 1000-2000 plenty of recycled SF6 for the facility industry in accordance with IEC and national standards. the utilization of SF6 gas in China’s power industry is closed-loop, and every one gases in SF6 insulation equipment are going to be recorded. The record includes: 1. the number record of the new 99.999% purity SF6 gas. 2. Record the number of unqualified waste SF6 gas. All SF6 gas, whether new or old, must be monitored and recorded. The more new gas purchased and therefore the more old gas discharged, the quantity of SF6 gas are going to be recorded in within the carbon emission index. the way to reduce SF6 emissions, it’s necessary to recycle SF6 gas. Chinese power plants will purchase a group of SF6 processing equipment during construction, but thanks to the massive number and wide distribution of substations, there are currently two SF6 reuse modes. One is centralized recovery, where SF6 gas is collected during a nearby recovery base for unified treatment. Another mode is to sign a contract and recycle, sign a service agreement, and our staff will bring the equipment to the door to recycle the service.

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The total amount of the SF6 gas utilized in each province are going to be recorded by sylinder and mangaed uniformly. The sylinders are going to be transferred to the recovery base with high speed treatment effeciency. The unqualified SF6 gas after treatment are going to be refilled into sylinders of death chamber after inspection by the measurement department. All the prcesses are proceeded in closed-loop and that we can truly realize zero emission
The on-site SF6 recovery service consists of a triler equipment with a full set of recovery, refilling, purification equipment and mesuring instruments. The vehicle goes into the unqualified gas space with on-site shutdown and maintenance, directly recovery and purify the unqualified SF6 gas, then returns to the death chamber . the upkeep period is brief , and therefore the user doesn't got to invest any funds to get SF6 gas processing equipment, measuring instruments and new gas. On-site service can make the waste SF6 gas reuse immediately.

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We provide full set equipment and repair , including SF6 gas measurement, SF6 gas treatment, SF6 gas equipment maintenance and professional training.

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