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Check out our service.

Check out our service.

We have been engaged in SF6 gas research for 24 years and have rich SF6 processing experience to make sure that the SF6 gas you employ is qualified. Provide you with knowledgeable SF6 gas treatment program, and that we can customize an SF6 gas solution for you consistent with your specific situation.

Application Of SF6 Gas In Substation

We serve quite 90% of substations, equipment maintenance and breakdown maintenance in China. so as to make sure the traditional operation of the SF6 gas insulated equipment, users don’t got to perchase new gas , SF6 gas treatment equipment can make sure that SF6 equipment updates are qualified and may reach IEC Standard and national standard.

Application Of SF6 Gas In Electric Industry

Thermal power, wind generation , hydropower, wind generation solar energy , and atomic power . Safe and environment treatment solution for SF6 insulated gas equipment for high-voltage power transmission and distribution

Application Of SF6 Gas In High-Voltage Switch Manufacture

Manufacturers of SF6 gas insulated equipment need an outsized number of tests during the event process, including tests in extreme environments. an outsized amount of SF6 gas is employed we will offer an entire set of environmental recycling solutions, which makes production of such equipment safer and more efficient.


750KV Substation On-Site Service

We provide services for more than 90% of substations and converter stations in China, and regularly maintain high-voltage and ultra-high voltage equipment. Our professional service personnel drive service vehicles to the site to recover and reuse SF6. We maintain any equipment in the substation & converter station without any preparation, which improves maintenance efficiency and reduces management costs.

220KV High-Voltage Switch Maintenance On-Site Service In Severe Cold Weather

We have a SF6 gas recovery service team all over the country, 7 * 24 hours service, serving more than 90% of the national grid substations and converter stations in China. Our team is a veritable mobile recycling base.

The Largest SF6 Processing Equipment Manufacturer In China

Our industrial park has large-scale high-voltage switch cabinets and underground substation simulation warehouses. A large amount of SF6 gas is prepared through sufficient treatment in various environments

Centralized SF6 Recycling Base

In China, we have established 12 SF6 gas recovery bases, unified manage SF6 gas, and achieved regional concentration, increased equipment utilization, and achieved a win-win situation.

Frequent Questions

We are a manufacturer with 23 years of production and sales experience, and 10 years of overseas sales experience.

We have ISO and SGS certification, China’s largest SF6 equipment manufacturer. We develop our own gas detectors and analyzers.

We are located at No. 101, Yulan High-tech Park, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

We can pick you up at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport or Zhengzhou High Speed Railway Station. Please feel free to contact us.

1. Contact the sales manager via email or real-time chat to confirm product information.

2. The sales manager quotes.

3. If it is an sf6 device, please sign a technical agreement.

4. Payment. We support wire transfer, Paypal, Western Union, Letter of Credit.

5. Delivery. We will choose a suitable transportation method according to the weight of the goods, and usually arrange air transportation, such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT or UPS. We ship large sf6 equipment by sea.

We offer a 12-month warranty. Our policy: During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem, please send us a photo to show the problem. Then we will decide to send you the parts, or you will send the instrument back to us for repair or replacement. Please make sure to contact us first instead of sending it directly to us. You just have to pay double shipping.